Large-scale production
with the hands-on precision
of a craftsman


Elettromeccanica F.E.R. manufactures custom designs on the request of our clients


Since 1956, Elettromeccanica F.E.R. has been a reliable designer and manufacturer of electromechanical products, such assmall and medium power transformers. We offer a comprehensive service covering the entire production process, from design to the last winding, from assembly to lubrication and coating with insulating paints, and down to the last wiring test.

The company based in Ozzano dell'Emilia (Bologna) also specializes in the production of coils for solenoids and electromagnets, electrical windings, electronic and impedance transformers. All our clients receive the precision and professionalism of service, always with strict adherence to the EU regulations and directives. Furthermore, Elettromeccanica F.E.R. also manufactures special articles to customised designs - all our professionalism at the service of your needs!

Quality, skill and reliability are the essential features of our work. At Elettromeccanica F.E.R. we offer "large-scale production
with the hands-on precision of a craftsman"! For information and inquiries about the products
fill out the form in the section or call the phone number 051 798 008.